Fountain bowls for cats: how to choose the best one

What kind of water bowl is best for our cat? Why does your cat need like a raised cat food bowl? Drinking is also essential for cats and in this article we will try to figure out if they have a preference on the container to be used for the purpose.

The cat is an animal having desert origins, for this reason it tends at times to drink too little, in fact, in the wild it assimilates most of the liquids it needs from its preys. However, in our houses, often the cats are nourished mainly with the croquettes, and the cat drinks too little.

It is very important, therefore, to stimulate the cat to drink, to keep it hydrated, as for all living beings, and to help the kidneys to dispose of the waste substances and to preserve the urinary apparatus from infections.

The cat prefers fresh water, and prefers running water, in fact even if we put at its disposal bowls of clean water, will often prefer to go to drink from a tap, or will ask us (as they do mine), to open the water of the bidet to go comfortably to drink It can therefore be a good idea to have a cat fountain at home, let’s see how it works.

A convenient solution

Cats are animals that notoriously do not like to drink very much: they tend to develop some problems such as constipation and a malfunction of the kidneys. For this reason, using a device that encourages them to drink is a useful solution, especially if you spend many hours away from home and you can not ensure that your kitten always has everything available.

The automatic fountain, in particular, is an object that guarantees your friend to have filtered and fresh water, because it returns to the tank after arriving in the bowl. In this way the level is always kept constant and the liquid is purified from time to time, maintaining an ideal flavor and temperature.

The filtration system

The price of the model depends very much on the size and the filtering system. Of course, cats don’t like to let vibrissae come into contact with the bowl, so opt for an article that has a large enough one.

Depending on the number of felines in the house, you must also choose the type of filter: there are those with activated carbon that must be replaced periodically, so they involve a small extra expense. The cheapest is certainly the one that uses the simple force of gravity to fill the bowl again when it has emptied completely.

Another popular model is the one with a system that pumps oxygen, creating a series of bubbles that could scare the cat more reluctant to novelty. A factor to consider is also that of noise: products with the engine will certainly be less silent but, in any case, you must be aware that all types produce a sound similar to that of radiators.

There are various materials available: those resistant to contact with water, which do not oxidize, making the object unusable after a while, should be preferred. However, since cats are very used to it, you would do well to prefer the same element of which the bowl is made: ceramic or plastic, if not even steel.

Fountain for cats: how it works

Cat fountains are special bowls that allow your cat to always have fresh running water at their disposal.
There are various shapes and sizes on the market, and consist of a bowl, preferably made of steel or ceramic, connected to a pump and a tank, or running water, so that the bowl always gets fresh water.

This cat watering can be connected to the power supply so that the pump works and supplies the water to the bowl. In addition, there is often an active carbon filter to keep the water clean and retain hair and food residues.
The filter also serves to retain limescale, which the cat would ingest if it drank from its bowl with standing water.
Often the flow of the fountain is adjustable.
I haven’t found any good models of fountains for battery-powered cats, so we’ll see some to connect to the power supply.
The best cat fountain is the one that gurgles, as it attracts water to drink, but it is also silent.
It must also be easy to clean, because this keeps it working for a long time, and we protect the health of the cat. The filter must be easy to replace and not too expensive.

Prices of cat fountains

The prices of this type of cat water dispenser vary greatly depending on the model. It depends on whether the bowl is made of steel or plastic, whether it is a battery-operated or current-operated fountain, its size and other factors.

Prices can range from €25 up to €80-€100, in addition to the fountain you must also provide a small charge for replacement filters, which are around €5-€10.

But what could be the best cat fountain for your needs? Let’s see some models, to understand a bit ‘better.

Fountain for DIY cats

Is it possible to build a perfectly functioning cat fountain at home? Of course, it is! Just buy an aquarium pump for the water and install it in a bowl.

Choose carefully the material of which it is made: avoid as much as possible the plastic because in most cases it has a bad smell that you can not eliminate even with washing. We don’t feel it very much or even don’t feel it, but the acute smell of the kitten does, so you prefer metal or ceramic containers.

As far as the size is concerned, the cat’s plate must be large, because our friend hates having to bend his mustache to reach the food. Being extremely sensitive sensory organs, it is very annoying for him to hear them rub against the edges while eating. Better, then, something wide and low, to facilitate it.

The cat is a clean animal with an excellent sense of smell, so never put the bowl next to the litter tray: even wild cats never eat near the place where they do their business. Wash the bowl often, because it hates to smell the previous meal, but rinse it well under the water, without using detergents which could leave annoying smells.

And do you have a cat fountain? How do you find yourself? Write me your experience or any questions in the comments!

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