Advantages of adopting an adult cat

Having made this declaration of intentions, once you have decided that the best option is to adopt and you are convinced that you meet the requirements to do so, it is time to find who will be your faithful and beloved feline companion.

When we think of incorporating a cat into our family, the typical small, funny, and playful kitten come to mind. That may be fine in some cases, but perhaps there is some ignorance of the advantages of leaning towards adopting an adult or senior cat.

What is an adult cat?

Now, in this case, when we refer to adopting an adult cat, we are talking about a cat that is more than 1 or 2 years old. On the table would be from the teenage cat – young – mature.

There is no exact maturity date for all cats, since each breed, each kitten, and each circumstance is different. But it is considered that the cat begins to be an adult when it is fully developed and stops growing.

There are races like the Maine Coon that take longer to develop and do not reach adulthood until two years. Hence, the indicative figure of adult cat that we give you is 1-2 years.

The age at which the cat stops growing and enters its adult stage should not be confused with its ability to reproduce since many cats have their first zeal at 4-5 months.

What advantages does adopting an adult cat have?

These are some of the most compelling reasons to do so that the adoptive family must weigh and see if it fits:

  • A great opportunity. One of the prettiest reasons is that many times adult cats become “invisible,” cats that nobody cares about. Offering a home to an adult cat is to give a pussycat a chance that will always thank him.
  • What you see is what there is. The adult cat has already developed its character and personality, so you can ask the protector or the entity how it is. There are people who, by their way of life, fit more with independent cats, others who prefer a very affectionate cat, others identify more with shy cats, others need to get along with children, others who get along with dogs, etc. Choosing an adult cat that meets the type of life that it will have afterward gives us many advantages and avoids a future problem of living together.
  • Parenting is easier. It is sometimes said that the adult cat does not need as much care as a puppy kitten, but this expression can lead to misinterpretation. A cat needs attention that must be fulfilled at any age ( proper feeding, veterinary follow-up, right doses of play and love, etc.), but it is right that the early stages of the life of the kittens are more complex and need higher learning on our part. In general, in the case of a healthy adult cat, this care is more fundamental and more comfortable to carry out.
  • Less energy. Puppy kittens have much more power than adult cats, as with most animals and with ourselves. This nerve pump means that a kitten may be more “shattered,” may need more physical activity, etc. Depending on the house and the adoptive family, it will be necessary to assess whether it can meet this energy demand or it is better to adopt a cat with a more stable and calm personality.
  • Friends of children and the elderly. An adult cat is usually a good companion for this type of audience. Children and kittens may seem like a hilarious combination, but in reality, it is also “dangerous,” especially since the kitten will barely know how to escape the intensity of the children and even because the kids can harm them playing, and vice versa. In the case of older people, the issue of energy that requires a kitten makes it not the most optimal combination, being better a more adult cat.

In conclusion, cats are not like cars, which once passed the years lose value and are “very used.”

Many adult cats have not been adopted for various reasons that have nothing to do with them being a bad option. On the contrary, sometimes some cats arrive at the shelter late because their human has died because someone in the family has developed an allergy or for many other reasons.

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